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Balihans’ Offshore IT Services for Healthcare: A Cost-Effective Solution

In today’s fast-paced world, offshore IT services have become vital to the global business landscape. The relevance of these services in the healthcare industry is particularly significant. With the rising demand for specialized software and infrastructure, healthcare providers are turning to offshore solutions to meet their needs. Infraveo’s Offshore IT Solutions offer a glimpse into how offshoring can bring cost-effectiveness and continuity of services. Balihans, a leading services provider, takes this concept further by offering tailored offshore services that align with the unique requirements of the healthcare sector. With a dedicated offshore team, Balihans ensures that tedious, time-consuming tasks are handled efficiently, allowing the in-house team to focus on client-facing tasks.

What is Offshore IT Services? 

Offshore IT Services refers to hiring professionals offshore to handle various development and software tasks. This model offers:
  • Global Reach: Access to highly skilled, experienced offshore developers across different time zones working shifts offshore.
  • Cost Savings: Significant employee savings on salaries, infrastructure, and operations.
CronJ’s Healthcare IT Outsourcing illustrates how offshoring services professionals can boost cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Why Offshore IT Services in Healthcare? 

The healthcare industry requires immediate resources and a cost-efficient model to ensure guaranteed success. Offshore IT services provide:
  • Immediate Resources: Quick access to highly skilled talent.
  • Cost-Efficient Model: Greater availability of skilled talent at an average salary, leading to cost savings.
  • Guaranteed Success: Flexibility in hiring local staff and software teams to meet specific needs.

Balihans’ Approach to Offshore IT Services 

Balihans adopts a goal-focused approach to offshore IT services, offering:
  • Goal-Focused Approach: Aligning with business processes and growth main reasons to hire professionals offshore.
  • The pool of Talented Developers: Graphics designers, web developers, helpdesk personnel, infrastructure engineers, and technicians.
  • Improved Development Cycle: Streamlining the development of messaging apps and client-facing tasks.
  • Collaborative Support Model: Working closely with the in-house team, focusing on local needs, and ensuring continuity of services.

Benefits of Offshoring with Balihans

Balihans’ offshore solutions offer numerous benefits:
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Balihans’ offshore team continues to provide cost-effective solutions, maximizing savings.
  • Flexibility in Hiring: Options to scale the in-house or offshore teams as needed.
  • Transparency in Process: Clear communication between the house and offshore teams ensures a smooth workflow.

How to Onboard Balihans’ Dedicated Cloud Team 

Regarding offshoring IT services, Balihans has a streamlined process to ensure that the offshore team aligns with your business needs. Here’s how you can onboard Balihans’ dedicated cloud team:
  1. Explain Expectations: Clearly define the services and tasks that you expect from the offshore team. This includes the development goals, time frames, and specific software requirements.
  2. Plan Preparation: Collaborate with Balihans to create a detailed plan. This includes selecting the right professionals, defining the infrastructure, and aligning with the time zones of the offshore team.
  3. Interview and Selection: Engage in the hiring process with the provider to select the best developers. Balihans ensures a smooth and non-tedious time-consuming process.
  4. Rationale Reporting: Regular reporting and communication with the offshore team ensure continuity of services and cost-effectiveness. Balihans’ offshore solutions are designed to provide benefits without the need for offshoring relocation.


In summary, Balihans’ Offshore IT Services offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for healthcare. With a dedicated offshore team, you can achieve growth without needing offshoring relocation. Balihans stands out as a business partner that offers offshoring services to professionals to meet your needs. Ready to explore the benefits of offshore services? Contact Balihans for Offshore IT Services and discover how our highly skilled and experienced offshore team can transform your healthcare business. Experience the growth and cost savings that come with Balihans’ expertise today!


Q.1 What does offshoring IT services mean? 
Offshoring IT services involves hiring professionals offshore to handle development and other business processes. It offers benefits like cost savings and access to a global talent pool.
Q.2 How to hire offshore developers? 
Hiring offshore developers involves selecting a reliable services provider, defining requirements, and engaging in the hiring process.  CronJ – Healthcare IT Outsourcing is a good example of this.
Q.3 How to manage an offshore development team? 
Managing an offshore team requires clear communication, regular reporting, and alignment with local time zones. Balihans provides offshore services to ensure smooth operations.
Q.4 Benefits of hiring offshore developers? 
The benefits of offshoring include cost savings, access to skilled talent, and the ability to scale your business without hiring local staff.
Q.5 When to hire offshore developers? 
Hiring offshore developers is beneficial when you need to boost cost-effectiveness, access specialized skills, or expand your company without increasing in-house team size.
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