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Choosing the Right Offshore IT Consulting Model: Dedicated Team vs. Project-based


Offshore IT consulting has become an integral part of many organizations’ strategies to access global talent, drive cost efficiency, and accelerate project delivery. When considering offshore IT consulting, IT leaders often face a critical decision between two popular models: Dedicated Team and Project-based. In this blog post, we will explore these two models and the factors that IT leaders should consider to make an informed choice. With the support of tools like KissFlow and ServiceNow and the expertise of Balihans, organizations can successfully navigate this decision-making process and maximize the benefits of offshore IT consulting.
Understanding the Dedicated Team Model
In the Dedicated Team model, the offshore consulting company provides a team of skilled professionals who work exclusively on the client’s projects. This team becomes an extension of the client’s in-house team, collaborating closely on a long-term basis. The Dedicated Team model is ideal for projects with ongoing development and maintenance needs, where a constant, reliable resource pool is required.
Exploring the Project-based Model
The Project-based model, on the other hand, involves engaging the offshore consulting company for a specific project with a defined scope and timeline. Once the project is completed, the engagement with the offshore team concludes. This model is suitable for organizations with well-defined, short-term projects or those seeking specialized expertise for specific initiatives.
Evaluating Project Complexity and Scope
One of the primary considerations in choosing the right model is the complexity and scope of the project. For large-scale, long-term projects that require continuous development and support, a Dedicated Team model offers a consistent resource pool. In contrast, smaller projects with clear deliverables and shorter timelines may benefit from the Project-based model.
Assessing Resource Requirements
IT leaders should carefully assess their resource requirements for the project at hand. If the project demands a stable team with ongoing involvement and seamless collaboration, the Dedicated Team model provides a cohesive solution. On the other hand, if the project requires specialized skills or temporary support, the Project-based model may be more suitable.
Balancing Cost Efficiency and Quality
Cost efficiency is a significant driver for offshore IT consulting. The Dedicated Team model often proves cost-effective for long-term projects as it offers better resource utilization and continuous support. Conversely, the Project-based model can be more cost-efficient for short-term, specific projects where the resources are only required for a limited duration.
Considering Time Zone and Communication
Time zone differences can impact collaboration and communication in offshore IT consulting. IT leaders should consider the geographical location of the offshore team in relation to the onshore team’s working hours. The Dedicated Team model may offer better communication flexibility due to overlapping work hours, while the Project-based model may require efficient communication practices during the project’s duration.
Balancing Control and Flexibility
The level of control and flexibility required in the project is another critical aspect to consider. The Dedicated Team model allows organizations to have more control over resource allocation, project progress, and task prioritization. Conversely, the Project-based model provides more flexibility in engaging specific expertise for a defined project duration.
Assessing Long-term Strategic Goals
IT leaders should align their choice of model with the organization’s long-term strategic goals. The Dedicated Team model fosters stronger relationships with the offshore team and enables continuous knowledge sharing and skill development. The Project-based model, on the other hand, can cater to short-term project needs without long-term commitments.
Evaluating Communication and Collaboration Tools
Efficient communication and collaboration tools are crucial for successful offshore IT consulting. IT leaders should ensure that the chosen offshore consulting company utilizes robust platforms like KissFlow and ServiceNow for seamless project management and communication.
Leveraging Balihans Expertise
Balihans, in partnership with KissFlow, is a trusted offshore consulting company with extensive expertise in both Dedicated Team and Project-based models. IT leaders can leverage Balihans’ experience and guidance to make an informed choice that aligns with their organizational goals and project requirements.


Choosing the right offshore IT consulting model, whether Dedicated Team or Project-based, requires careful consideration of project scope, resource requirements, communication needs, and long-term strategic goals. With the support of advanced tools like KissFlow and ServiceNow and the expertise of Balihans, organizations can navigate this decision-making process and embark on a successful offshore IT consulting journey. So, evaluate your project requirements, weigh the pros and cons, and collaborate with Balihans to unlock the true potential of offshore IT consulting for your organization’s growth and success.

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