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Rely on Balihans for

Resource-as-a-Service for your projects

Whether a funded/yet to be funded Startup or an Enterprise, Balihans provides flexible models of engaging Consultants for your projects.

We offer an array of services around resourcing, development and support engagements that are suitable for your both in-flight and upcoming projects

Smart contract, Hyper-ledger, Meta verse...


Blockchain development offered as service helping you build Web3 solutions

Javascript, Python, Java, PHP, Objective-C...

Web Development

Top notch developers offered in flexible models for your Web development needs

ITSM, HR, CSM, Procurement, Industry Apps...

Digital Transformation

Resourcing and development for your needs around building Industry Standard Apps

Development-as-a-Service, Support-as-a-Service

Custom Dev & Support

We provide development and support for the Custom Applications you build

15 Years of

Resourcing and Dev Experience

Whether you are a Startup or Enterprise, our flexible, ramp up/down models are suitable for any company looking to optimise their resourcing

Web 2 & 3 Startups

What we do

Balihans provides Resource & Dev as Services for your projects

Companies across sectors are facing huge challenge on meeting resourcing demands for their tech projects. Balihans’s innovative resource engagement models is targeted to fix the situation. Be it niche to mainstream technology stack to Web 3, we have teams ready to work for your next project

Web Development 92%
Industry App Development 97%
Web3/Blockchain 93%
Digital Workflow Automation 89%


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