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How to Set Up an Offshore Company in Singapore?

Offshore Company


In the realm of business and finance, Singapore has emerged as a global hub for offshore IT outsourcing. The city-state’s robust infrastructure, favorable tax policies, and ease of doing business have made it an attractive destination for companies looking to establish an offshore presence. This article will guide you through the process of setting up an offshore company in Singapore, highlighting the benefits and key considerations along the way.

Understanding the Appeal of Singapore

International Reputation

Singapore’s strong international reputation is one of its key attractions. Known for its transparency, robust legal system, and efficient bureaucracy, Singapore offers a stable and reliable environment for offshore IT services. This reputation enhances the credibility of businesses operating in the region and fosters trust with clients and partners worldwide.

Tax Benefits

One of the primary reasons businesses opt for offshore IT outsourcing in Singapore is the attractive tax benefits. The country has one of the lowest corporate tax rates globally, capped at 17%. Moreover, Singapore does not levy capital gains tax, providing significant cost savings for businesses. These tax benefits make Singapore an ideal location for offshore IT staffing, allowing companies to maximize their profits while maintaining high-quality services.

Streamlined Incorporation Process

Singapore’s incorporation process is straightforward and efficient, often completed within a couple of days. The country’s IT offshore services are supported by a streamlined bureaucracy that simplifies the setup process, making it easier for businesses to get started. This ease of setup is a significant advantage for businesses looking to quickly establish their offshore IT operations.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Singapore’s world-class infrastructure and connectivity make it an ideal location for offshore IT services. The country boasts a robust IT infrastructure, with high-speed internet and advanced data centers. This infrastructure supports the smooth operation of offshore IT services, ensuring reliable and efficient service delivery.

Skilled Workforce

Singapore has a highly skilled and educated workforce, with a strong emphasis on IT and technical skills. This talent pool is a valuable resource for offshore IT services, providing the expertise and skills necessary to deliver high-quality IT solutions.

Key Steps to Set Up an Offshore Company in Singapore

Acquiring Approval for the Company Name

The first step in setting up an offshore company in Singapore is to acquire approval for the company name from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). The name should be unique, meaningful, and not infringe on any existing trademarks or copyrights.

Establishing Initial Share Capital and Shareholders

Singapore law requires at least one shareholder for the incorporation of a company. The shareholder can be a local or foreign individual or corporate entity. The minimum share capital is S$1, providing flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

Appointing Directors

The company must appoint at least one director who is a resident of Singapore. The director must be a natural person (not a corporation) and at least 18 years old. There is no maximum limit on the number of directors a company can have.

Appointing the Company Secretary

Singapore companies are required to appoint a company secretary within six months of incorporation. The company secretary must be a natural person and a resident of Singapore.

Nominating a Registered Address

The company must have a registered address in Singapore. This can be a commercial office space or a home office, but it cannot be a P.O. Box.


Setting up an offshore IT company in Singapore offers numerous benefits, from tax advantages to access to a vast market. However, the process requires careful planning and adherence to the country’s regulations. By understanding the steps involved and the potential benefits, businesses can make an informed decision about offshore incorporation in Singapore.

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